Hi, I’m Tom

The idea of rowing across the Atlantic was planted some time ago and has been in the back of my mind for several years. Now is the time for that challenge to be realised.  By rowing continuously for over 60 days to cross a 3,800 mile ocean in a 29ft boat, this is an adventure that will push my mind and body to the limit.

Finding teammates with a similar appetite for suffering proved easier than expected. My old University of Chester rowing partner Jim jumped at the idea. As did my school friend Rob who cycled round the world with me nearly nine years ago. And now our new friend Justin has completed the team having already rowed the Atlantic Ocean in 2018!

I am not ignorant to the monumental challenge that lies ahead of us. Leaving behind loved ones to sign up for weeks of sleep deprivation, sea sickness and sore bottoms! But I am excited to push myself, discover new experiences, make new friends and, most of all, set off on an adventure.

I am eager for the opportunity to raise awareness and funding for our two chosen charities. So much enjoyment will come from the crossing, not least the ocean wildlife that we’ll see. It seems only right to give a little back.

Outside of prepping to cross an ocean, I work as a Paramedic for the NHS in North Yorkshire.  For the most part it is a privilege doing my job and I am proud to be part of the NHS.