Hi, I’m Rob

The vast open water. The highs and lows of such a beautiful yet gruelling endeavour. The opportunity to have a few decent stories to share down the pub. All these things prompted me to say yes when Tom and Jim asked if I wanted to row the Atlantic.

As someone who has spent the majority of their life on land, I’m intrigued by what life is like far from shore. Watching documentaries about the ocean you realise what a different and alien place it is. What an opportunity to experience an environment so few people can.  

Having spent a lot of my time over the years riding bicycles over long distances I have become quite familiar with monotony, fatigue, a lack of sleep and a sore bottom. The row however will give me a chance to reacquaint with all of those things, but dialled up to 11. 

I live and work in Sheffield. It’s not exactly close to the sea but it does rain a lot, so I am accustomed to being around water.

Surrounded by a fantastic crew consisting of an experienced ocean rower, a paramedic and a rowing coach leaves me asking the question “what do I bring to this?”

I fear only seasickness.