Hi, I’m Justin


Rowing the Atlantic has enthralled me for many years and in 2019 I finally achieved my goal as part of a four, making it across in just under 51 days and setting a new Pure class mixed crew world record in the process.

Good, huh?

Well yes, but apparently not good enough. As amazing as it was, there’s still a piece of the jigsaw missing, still an itch to scratch, so here I go again.

I’m hoping that going mainland to mainland will finally complete the puzzle. In any event, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


In my day job I run a small sound and light company. As Rob Coleman, I’m a semi-professional stand up comedian and comedy promoter and perform all over the country. 

I live in rural Leicestershire, closer to space than to the sea, and only a few miles from the National Space Centre. Despite that, I would rather row an ocean than be an astronaut.

Oh, and I’ll be 56 when we start. I really should know better by now.