Jim Davidson

Hi, I’m Jim

My passion for rowing began during my university days. I first learned to row alongside fellow M2M Atlantic Four crewmate Tom Riley.

During the final year of my sports science degree I captained the men’s squad, before embarking upon a successful career in coaching.

I first worked for British Rowing, where I coached at numerous clubs across Yorkshire and the North of England.

Then I ventured north and crossed the border into Scotland. There I have spent the last 5 years as Head Rowing Coach at George Heriot’s School.

I am sure my coaching experience, together with my sports science background, means I can add useful skills and knowledge to the crew. This is something I aim to share as much as possible during our crossing.

Born and raised in Country Durham, I have always had a craving for adventure. I have travelled to over 50 countries across six different continents, with plenty of challenges along the way. The most notable of which was a 3000km hike from the bottom to the top of New Zealand, with my long-suffering wife Michelle!

The thought of rowing the Atlantic has been at the pinnacle of my lifetime goals as it is the ultimate adventure.

When Tom first mentioned he was rowing the Atlantic and asked me if I fancied joining him, there was no mulling it over. I had already done that for years. I was ready. My answer was YES!.