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Preparing to row an ocean is more time consuming, and arguably more difficult, than the row itself. It takes resilience, commitment and a clear vision. Planning logistics and parting with considerable amounts of savings are challenges before the first oar touches water. Your sponsorship can help us weather that storm.

Our Offer

Marketing Opportunities

Logo on the boat, website and crew clothing.

Mentioned as a partner in promotional material, interviews, social media and press releases.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Is the core of your business founded on ethical values with a focus on sustainablilty?

We can help you show the world that you are more than just good at making money.

Be Part of the Adventure

Your sponsorship is an oar in the water.

You’ll be able to get the latest updates on where we are and what we’re doing. All the excitement of rowing an ocean, but drier.

Despite the simplicity of rowing an ocean there is quite a lot of kit needed.

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